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New Feature – Workout of the Week

Monday, August 29th, 2011

Starting today, you can expect a weekly workout by trainer Colby Martin. The Workout of the Week is designed to be a quick, but challenging workout for all levels of fitness and it will get progressively more difficult as the weeks pass.   Your goal should be to complete the workout at least 3 times during the week.  If you cannot complete it, do not be discouraged.  Do what you can and you will notice improvements every week.  If you have any questions or comments, you can leave them as feedback below or e-mail Colby at

Week #1 Workout

The Workout: Do the 5 exercise below a total of 3 times.  Take a 60-90 second break between each exercise and a 2 minute rest between each set.


  1. Push-ups  – 20 reps per set                
  2. Step-ups   – 15 per leg                                       
  3. Horizontal pull-ups – 15 reps per set                             
  4. Hamstring bridge – Hold for 60 seconds                         
  5. Plank push-up – 15 reps per set

Colby’s Tips:  Remember to breath! You will find more strength if you exhale during concentric part of exercise (e.g. when doing push-ups, breath out when you push up). And inhale during eccentric (e.g. when doing push ups, breath in when you lower your body).




Push-Up - Finish Position

Push Up - Start Position








  • Keep your hips up. (they should always be the highest point
  • Lower your chest between your hands
  • Lower your body until your nose nearly touches the floor


  • “sag” the hips.
  • Turn the hands (i.e. your fingers should point forward)


2. Step-ups

Step-Up - Finish

Step-Up - Start








  • Use a bench or a aerobic step large enough to fit your whole foot on.
  • Press up with your heel.
  • Land softly when returning to the start position.


  • Lean or bend the torso.
  • Allow the knee to move forward.


3. Horizontal Pull Ups


Horizontal Pull-Ups - Start

Horizontal Pull-Up - Finish









  • Choose a height that allows you to perform required reps.
  • Have straight arms at the bottom of rep. Pull up until you nearly touch the bar with your Collar bone.


  • Let your feet slip.                  
  • “Drop” your body.


4. Hamstring Bridge.


Hamstring Bridge - Finish

Hamstring Bridge - Start








  • Have knees at about a 70degree angle.
  • Hold hips up so that you form a straight line from knee to shoulder.
  • Hold  weight on the heels.
  • Have hands on your hips and elbows off the floor.


  • Separate feet or knees from each other.
  • Straighten out legs too far. (if you feel pressure in your knees, bend your knees more)


5.  Plank Push Ups  

Plank Push-Up - Finish

Plank Push-Up - Start








  • Keep your hips up. They shouls always be at the highest point.
  • Move from the elbow plank position to a push-up position.


  • Go too fast. Technique is important and you don’t want to bruise your elbows. 


 The workout of the week is brought to you by Colby Martin.  Colby is an IFA certified personal trainer who has, for the past 10 years, been helping a wide variety of clients achieve their personal fitness goals.   Colby continues to enjoy training a wide range of clients, including high level athletes looking to maximize their potential output to individuals working to regain a fit and healthy lifestyle.  To contact Colby, please call Windsor Squash & Fitness Club or

Welcome Colby Martin!

Wednesday, May 18th, 2011

Windsor squash and fitness is pleased to announce the joining of our newest personal trainer Colby Martin. Colby has been a trainer in the area for the past ten years and although he enjoys working with all types of clients, he has extensive experience training sports teams and high performance athletes

Colby will help develop your power, enhance your core, and help you achieve a weight that allows you to perform at your highest level.

Keep an eye on the Group Fitness schedule, as classes with Colby will be starting soon. Any athletes who are looking to improve their short-distance speed, vertical jump, foot speed and coordination should contact Colby at 519-966-2141 for a no-obligation consultation.