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Congrats Detroit Free Press 1/2 Marathoners!

Monday, November 19th, 2012

From all of our staff and members, we want to extend a sincere congratulations to the following members who successfully completed the Detroit Free Press 1/2 Marathon.  Some of these participants trained with our Half Marathon Group, others performed their training on their own.  All of them worked hard to reach the finish line.

Angela Volpatti  02:39:55                  Gregg Mayville  01:39:39

Paola Francis  02:42:22                       Emily Innis  03:26:30

Emily Gillard  02:54:09                      Katherine Konrad  02:54:09

Mark Askew  02:34:58                        Martine Askew  02:18:19

Mark Jacques  01:59:12                      Denisse Granados  02:08:41

Patricia Heath  02:08:45                    Marcella Porter  02:12:14

Thiago Fagionato  01:53:43              Kathleen Bryan 02:13:09

Steve Biro 01:45:30                              Sharon Strosberg 02:29:37

Steve Brennan 02:33:45                     Kristy McBeth 01:42:50

Erin Porter  01:42:07

The group preparing for race day on their final training run.

Celebrating after a successful race day!

This marks another year, where Erin’s group has achieved 100% success rate in participants who completed the race.  If you have never participated or witnessed this event, it is a truly special day.  With over 10 000 runners and growing, it is one of the premier special events in the region.  Look out for our program in spring of 2013 and we can help you safely and effectively train for this incredible race!

Way to go Runners!

Wednesday, September 26th, 2012

On Sunday September 23, 2012,  runners from Erin’s Half Marathon Running Goup succesfully completed the 6th annual  Amherstburg Running for Heros race.  This race was held on World Alzheimer’s day to  raise funds, as well as awareness for Alzheimer’s disease.   It was a beautiful day to take on the scenic course through the heart of Amherstburg.  Gregg Mayville, Thiago Fagionato, and Erin Porter completed the 1/2 Marathon. Denisse Ganados and Paola Francis completed the 10K race.  Great job runners!  Other WSF runners were Kristy McBeth, Steve Brennan and Joe Gatfield. 

The members of  Erin’s 1/2 Marthon Training Group will participate in the Detroit Free Press Half Marathon on Oct 21, 2012.  They have been training hard for the past 14 weeks!  They are less than 4 Weeks to their goal of copleting the Detroit Free Press Half Marathon.  The Detroit Free Press Marathon and Half Marathon is an International race that starts in Detroit and crosses over to Windsor and then finishes in downtown Detroit.   This is Erin Porter’s 4th year coaching the running clinic and preparing runners to exceed their goals. 


Way to go Anna!

Tuesday, March 13th, 2012

Anna and personal trainer  Erin Porter after the Tampa Bay Gasparilla 1/2 Marathon on March 4, 2012.  Anna ran a personal best 2:26 and Erin completed  in 1:41.  It was a great race, with a pirate theme.  Both Erin and Anna took time to celebrate and enjoy the post race sun. 

Erin is a 3 time IronMan and has been helping her clients achieve their fitness goals for over 10 years.  She runs a very popular half-marathon clinic that leads into the Detroit Free Press Marathon in October.  Check back here or on our facebook page ( as the running group will start up again in the spring