What generous members we have!


As we prepared for the holiday season it occured to many of the staff around the Club that we are very fortunate.  Our basic needs are met and we have a strong network of friends and family to turn to for support.  Unfortunately there are many people, who at times in their lives, are missing those comforts.  Terese Mingay, one of our trainers, decided that she would spearhead a donation drive for the Hiatus House of Windsor.



The Hiatus House is a social service agency that offers confidential advice to families experiencing domestic violence.  They rely heavily on donations to help them provide the support services that are vital to helping families in their difficult times.



I’m proud to say that Windsor Squash & Fitnes Club, with the generosity of our members and staff, delivered a truck load of supplies and gifts that will go to needy familes at the Hiatus House.  Thank You to Terese who spent so much time and effort spearheading this worthy cause and thank you to all of our members and staff who helped make this such a success.

If you’d like to learn more about the Hiatus House, visit their website here.

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