Fall Down Wrap-Up

Another successful tournament wrapped up around 4pm on Sunday.  I have received numerous emails from out of town players who were so complimentary about our club, members and staff.  

I want to pay special homage to our sponsors.  We managed to get 4 cash sponsors this time around and a a result the beer lasted until 3.30pm on Sunday!  The cash sponsors were Peter Wares, Wayne Carroll and a further 2 members who wish to remain anonymous.  On behalf of everyone I would like to thank them for their generosity and helping make all competitors have such an amazing time.

Special thanks to Anis Khan who paid for the pizza on Friday evening and also bought the junior prizes as well as a $20 gift certificate for all junior entrants.  Anis is a great supporter of our tournaments and juniors.

Mark Dalla Valle donated the breakfast items once again and I know how much the players appreciate the fantastic spread we put on every morning, especially the hung over ones!

Dave Porter and Pernod Ricard supported by donating a number of great prizes for the winners prize table.

Finally Steve Demarco who was once again responsible for the souvenir warm up top.  The feedback on these was great!  

We always rely on members support for these events and this time around people really stepped up to help.  

On court the entertainment and quality of squash was fantastic in all divisions.  The woman’s draw was especially competitive.  I will be posting a list of winners on the blog this week.

Graeme Williams – Tournament Chair

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