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October’s here! Time to get ready for summer!

Yes you read that right. And no it’s not a typo.

Tell me if this sounds familiar. The cold seasons arrive, the bathing suits go away, and you do your best impression of a bear preparing for hibernation and you just “let yourself go” for the winter. The plan is to not stress the extra pounds that comes with less activity and giant holiday meals in the winter, and then, do what you have to in the spring in order to have the body you want for summer.

How’d that work out for you last year?

As a personal trainer my busiest time of the year is consistently the spring. People binge eat during cold winter nights, over indulge during holidays, and are reluctant to battle the snow to get to the gym. Thusly, they are typically in worst shape than they planned on exiting the winter and now have to work extremely hard in order to be ready for the pool season.

If you want to finally have the summer body you’ve always wanted your best strategy would be to start now. It is far easier to maintain good-to-great fitness than it is to achieve it in the first place.

What to do? Don’t let winter slow you down. One easy but significant step would be to start working on a fitness program that works for you now. There is often experimentation and some trial and error involved in building a proper fitness program that you will actually use and enjoy. Use the dreary winter months to figure out what works for you. Imagine, instead of stressing out and rushing to catch up in the spring, you could be refining and perfecting what you did in the winter.

This post was brought to you by Colby Martin.  Colby is an IFA certified personal trainer who has, for the past 10 years, been helping a wide variety of clients achieve their personal fitness goals.   Colby continues to enjoy training a wide range of clients, including high level athletes looking to maximize their potential output to individuals working to regain a fit and healthy lifestyle.  To contact Colby, please call Windsor Squash & Fitness Club or

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