Squash Tip from the Pro

Tip of the week is back and I am hoping to get some videos recorded this week to post as part of this.  

This week however I wanted to discuss something that I noticed in Mexico with the National Team.  Someone there asked me what the difference was between the top 20 players and the top 50.  This was an interesting question and made me analyze what was going on when they met. 

In the warm up it was not always obvious who was the better player, however when the match started the difference was clearer.  The better players were much more pro active in the rallies.  As soon as their oppGraeme - on courtonent missed a target by even a small amount the higher ranked players punished them.  Not with out right winners but by initiating attacks and putting work into their opponents legs.  This meant the lower ranked players were never able to get into a rhythm and play their natural games.  Obviously their technical strength means they are able to execute their attacking shots consistently and better/more explosive movement gets them into position earlier to create openings but the big difference appeared to be a mind set and confidence in attacking especially from lose balls in the back.  Rather than just hit the ball back they were able to attack all four corners with a range of shots/paces and weights.

Next time you are on court try and recognize a bad length and look to do something aggressive with it.  By doing this not only do you make your opponent work harder but you also put pressure on their length game as they know any loose shots will result in some hard movements!!

To read more tips from Graeme, be sure to check out the Squash Blog.  He can also be reached at squash@windsorsquash.ca if you have any questions about Squash programming at the Club.

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